Friday, April 3, 2009

Story time

Do you want to hear a story? Come and gather on the rug. Please sit in your spot. You know which spot is yours. Keep your hands to yourself.

Ok, now. Which story should I tell you? Hmmmmm. This is a tough decision.

Lets start with the story about the mother who didn't care. We'll call her Ms. Bad Attitude.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was in the third grade. He loved school even though he never did his homework. You see, school wasn't very important to his mother. In fact, this little boy failed last year but his mother probably didn't know because she wouldn't pay for the lost book so she could get his report card. And if Ms. Bad Attitude had just called, just pretended to care, the book fee would have been dropped and the report card would have been handed over. But hell to the no-no no, this mother would NOT even pretend to be interested in her son's education.

One day, this little boy came to school as usual. Since it was almost the end of the month and the principal had put off the monthly fire drill practice to the last minute again, it was time for a fire drill. During the fire drill, the little boy started puking. Every where. Children were running and chunks were flying (you can thank me later for killing your appetite). Once the children were allowed back in the building, the little boy was taken to the office where someone called his mother to pick him up.

Instead of being concerned, this mother started screaming and yelling that her son was NOT sick. Despite her doubts, the mother came to the school to pick up her son. When she came into the office, she showed a nasty temperament to the secretaries and an even uglier temperament to her son. Raise your hand if you know what temperament means. You, in the yellow shirt. Yes, temperament means your mood. Here is a sticker for you.

After Ms. Bad Attitude took her son, people in the school felt bad for him. It was decided that the school social worker should be notified. The school social worker was concerned and said she would check into the matter.

The next day, the boy returned to school. Again, the boy began throwing up. This time, he almost made it to the bathroom. Again, Mr. Custodian had to come to his rescue (let us all say thank you, Mr. Custodian!). Once in the office, the little boy continued to fill the trash can with his innards. And again, Ms. Bad Attitude had to be called to pick up her puking son. And yet again, Ms. Bad Attitude came to school with a bad temperament.

You there on the letter J. Please pull in your feet. Let us all sit criss cross applesauce. There, now.

It was scary for the people working in the school. Ms. Bad Attitude kept screaming and cussing and yelling and cussing. Boys and girls, even though grown ups are technically allowed to cuss, did you know there is a law that forbids them from cussing and causing a scene in a school? That's right. Ms. Bad Attitude was breaking the law.

The principal told Ms. Bad Attitude that the boy needed to see a doctor and that the boy couldn't come back to school without a doctor's excuse. Ms. Bad Attitude didn't like being told what to do. She said some things that sounded like she was going to kick the principal's ass threats. And she had her latest baby daddy a big, bad man who is a known gang member pacing in front of the school. Everyone was scared and nervous. After a couple of minutes, Ms. Bad Attitude and her bad, scary man squealed out of the parking lot.

After she left, the principal decided to call the Department of Family and Children Services. She also called the police department and an officer was placed at the school for the rest of the day.

The next day, Ms. Bad Attitude came to school after the tardy bell had rang with the child and a doctor's excuse. She was not happy about the Department of Family and Children Services visiting her house with what she called a lame ass excuse. Again, she had a bad temperament and was yelling many things that can not be repeated in front of children. That's right, she was breaking the law again.

The principal and everyone in the office was scared. The police were called and quickly came to the school. Ms. Bad Attitude still had a bad temperament. Even to the big, police officer. Boys and girls, it is never a good idea to have a bad attitude to a police officer.

The big police officer took the mother outside. Ms. Bad Attitude continued to yell and scream. In the police officer's face. Yes, Johnny, I have seen the show Cops before. Yes, it was a lot like that show.

After several minutes, the police officer put handcuffs on Ms. Bad Attitude and took her to the pokey the big house jail.

So, you see, the moral of the story is even if you don't care, pretend to care. And don't yell and make threats. Especially to police officers.


Elisa said...

saw something along these lines at my kid's school yesterday. guy was parked in handicapped parking in front of school where the buses park in the afternoon to pick up kids. Now mind you handicapped parking there is just to let the handicapped kids off in the mornings by bus(that is designated handicapped bus) also there is one parent that has to drive up there and let student off. This parent thought this was his parking space where he could wait for his kid. No sir buses are coming you park in the parking lot and we will send your child to you. No he didn't want to move, it said handicapped parking.Just for buses sir. No it doesn't(it did)He screamed at principal "you work for me I pay taxes that pay your salary. You work for Me." principal called police, man moved.Works every time.

Ash said...

That story makes me want to hug that little boy, very tightly. And take him home. And love him forever.

Stupid Bad Attitude mommy.

Hope she got strip searched at the pokey.

Beth said...

Elisa - I have had parents tell me that "they'll have my job." They couldn't handle it!

Eudae-Mamia - That boy is just one of many I wish I could take home. It should be illegal for parents to be so shitty.

Lori said...

Oh dear lord. This poor little boy...I too want to bring him home with me. I have known or I should say experienced my fair share of stupid bad attitude mommy's in all the years I did daycare. These mommy's treat their daycares in much the same way.

Once I had one of these mommys come pick up her two kids and they were getting their shoes on and right there in front of me, she went "off" on her children....screaming obsenities at them because they weren't moving fast enough. I calmly asked her to stop which she didn' I ushered the remaining children into another room so they could not hear her. I returned to screams and cries from the kids...she was hitting them with their shoes! I refused to let her take her children who clung to me sobbing. When I started dialing for the police she left. I ended up having these children for 6 weeks as foster children.

Beth said...

smiles4u - Wow! You are awesome! I love the way you stood up to that mother. And sadly, there are so many abused (both emotionally and physically) children in this world.

leslie said...

smiles4u - Good for you! I'd have done the same thing. I think there ought to be a way to keep bad parents like these away from their kids, but unfortunately it takes an act of God to 'prove' they are 'bad'. So sad. Okay, I do not want either of your jobs.

Michel said...

OMG that story sucked!!! Now I am scared!

Seriously, how on earth do you put up with them? I feel really bad for you - that is not right.

You should have let Ms. Poopy handle it. I hope the boy is okay. He is going to have a hard life.

Unknown said...

OMG is right and I don't want your job either! I know there are women/parents like that 'out there' and it just kills me knowing how children suffer under their hands. Thank God you called the DFS and the police. I wonder, what were the results of the DFS visits to that woman's home?

Pseudo said...

Wow. I had no idea that the parents were that bad in elementary school. I thought they worked they way up to it. I feel so sorry for that kid and it just so sucks for him to have an ulcer.

Jan said...

Oh, jeez, Beth - that poor little boy. Please give us an update later on him; hopefully to the tune of, "Yes, CPS has taken him away and put him in foster care with someone who genuinely, well, cares." No wonder "abusive parents" topped your Shovel List. I'd gladly whack this woman with a payloader for you.

And I'll sit still and cross-legged next time. I promise.

cheatymoon said...

I have a feeling I've met Ms. Bad Attitude somewhere...

I have loads of stories like this. Do I get a sticker? (I like sparkly ones).

Kristina P. said...

People are CRAZY!!!!!

Deb said...

Wow, how unfortunate. How is the little boy now?

Beth said...

Leslie - It is amazing how creatively cruel some parents can be. And I don't know why someone can't be more protective of the kids.

Michel - Ms. Poopy would've crapped on her. And that boy IS going to have a hard life. He really is sweet and he wants to please. Unfortunately, he may soon want to please the street committee.

Gaston Studios - I wish they'd let us know more about what DFACS is doing with this family. I gave them ALL my numbers. I hope everything is okay.

Psuedo - And I thought they'd toned it down a notch or two by the time the kids were in high school. Apparently, there is no expiration on crazy.

Jan - I will give an update later - as soon as I know something. We are about to be out for a week for Spring Break. Ugh! I hope he is okay. And I will have a special sticker for you next time.

only a movie - I'm sure you've met plenty of these parents. Here. Have a whole boat load of sparkly stickers.

Kristina - I agree!

Deb - I wish I knew how he was. I don't like being in the dark!

Crazy Charm said...

One part of me wants to laugh and the other wants to cry. It's horrible the types of home lives some children have to endure.

I love how in order to even coach a little league team you have to be cleared by the federal government. Yet, any idiot can have a child.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

This is a heart-breaking story but you told it in a very amusing way. I feel so bad for the little boy and hope you will give us an update on his welfare.

@Smiles Good for you!

Brenda Susan said...

I used to teach pre-school and the only part I do not miss are the parents!

♥ Braja said...

Hey your blog looks different... :)
I am so happy to be in connection with you again...i've loved your letters and comments, they've meant so much to us both...sending my love to you and hoping it reaches..

Jason Oller said...

Your blog looked better when it was darker!!!

Well anyway, this mother probably doesn't want reading to be taught in math class(inside joke).

On a serious note, do y'all try to teach the hobbits how to give a damn if their parent(s) or guardian(s) don't?

OH, WHY BLAME THE TEACHERS? They have 7 hours of influence and society has 17 hours of influence.


PS: How do you do that thing where you cross the true, but politically incorrect statements out? That would help me in my blogging.


Beth said...

Crazy Charm - There are so many restrictions that should be placed on parents who don't take care of their kids. It is heart breaking.

Smart Mouth Broad - Can I call you and see if your man can run her down on his motorcycle? We could sell tickets and then use the money to take care of the kid.

Brenda Susan - I hear you! We always say that the perfect school to teach in is an orphanage.

Braja - Yay! I've missed you! You've been in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I could fly to India and help take care of you. I got your love! Hope you've been getting mine.

Jason - I decided to cheer up the place. Bright colors aren't for everyone, no? Good for you deciding to become a teacher! And you sound like you already know half of the trouble that you will get. Good luck with all that.

Melissa B. said...

I'm a teacher, and I just have to say, "Don't Blame the Messenger." And, BTW, don't forget Sx3 tomorrow, either!

Phat Mama said...

I'm just surfing through blogs, clicking links on this or that page and was lucky enough to find yours!

I loved this post - it was both hysterical and yet sad too, it made me think. Which is really all of us want to do, I think - make each other feel our words.

I've put you on the sidebar of my blog as a fave read, thanks again and I'll be popping in daily!

P.S. That Mother needs her butt kicked up around her shoulders.

Liz Wilkey (a.k.a. A Mom on Spin) said...

That poor, poor, child! Can anything be done for him???

Hit 40 said...

Oh my! I do not think you work at a white ultra conservative burb like me! And folks wonder why we pay inner city more? How about reading today's story I wrote about my boy Adam. I really kind of wonder what you think. I bet Adam doesn't even touch the radar on your bad days at work.

Ann Imig said...

That is such a sad story. And UNREAL outrage below.

Life is hard enough, people.

patresa hartman said...

hm. this is a sad story. and an infuriating story, too. is the boy still coming to school?

The Nice One said...

The poor poor poor baby. THe things people do to their kids...breaks my heart. That is the hardest part of being a teacher...

nikkicrumpet said...

UGh it must be so hard doing your job...and having your heart wrenched every time you see a kid like that. I feel so bad for the little guy. Why can't we pass a law making it illegal to breed if you're a screwed up freak?