Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And we can add to my title this - Cry Baby

It sucked to be me today. I had to tell the last hire she was being moved to another school for the next school term. I cried. She cried. I cried some more. She really is that good of a teacher. You guys would totally want her for your Kindergarten student.

Due to budget cuts, my school is losing four teaching positions. Only one volunteered to leave and one is retiring. The good news is no one in my system is losing a job. But there are a few being moved to other schools in the system. And I had to break one heart today.

Damn economy.


tera said...

You definitely sound like you need a margarita or 6. When I get that bomb shelter built I'll give you a call!

darsden said...

That is rough, afraid it is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. But, I think you showed she just wasnt' another number... she counted :-) fantastic she is able to transfer instead of totally losing her job.

Candice said...

Aw, I'm sorry Beth. That had to be very difficult for you to do.

Braja said...

It's hard right now...sorry to hear these things; it's effecting everyone...time to apply 'simple living, high thinking...'

H.K. said...

That is so tough, especially when the person is really good at their job! My husband had to lay someone off who just bought a house, he came home early because they poor guy was crying in his office and my husband was too bummed out to finish his work day.

Kristina P. said...

I know! It totally sucks right now. We have to make a 6% cut with our agency, which they think can be achieved by people leaving and just not filling positions. We'll see!

Ash said...

A colleague of mine compared firing to throwing up. You feel horrible leading up to it, want to die while you're doing it, but once it's done, things usually turn out a whole lot better.

I hope this is the case for all involved!!

You guys closing schools over there yet? It's getting quite nutty here in north Texas. E

Laura said...

You lose four teaching positions which I'm sure means more work for those who are left, because you'll still have the same amount (or more) of students. Don't you wish you could get rid of some students instead?!

Alyson | New England Living said...

That stinks! Now go take a warm, relaxing bath. :)

Rosaria Williams said...

I'm in Oregon, and every district is cutting down positions and cutting days. We have a major shortfall in our school budgets for the rest of this year and even more for next year. You are the face they see, when the cuts are made. Tell them to go to unemployment, collect their eighteen months, and return to school with a loan that will probably be forgiven. It is going to get worse. Hang in there. It's way too big for anyone to control at this point.

Michel said...

That totally sucks! I think it is unfair that you can't choose who to move! I've always thought it would be wonderful to take all the people with whom you work really well, and then just keep them and don't let anyone else in!!

anymommy said...

Awful. I'm sure that was horribly hard. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you do not have to do it any more.

bernthis said...

my kid's school has the same thing going on. It kills me that they take money from education for ANYTHING ELSE.

Jason Oller said...

Theyy shouldn't cut education. It is an investment in the future. They allready messed up the present, why do they have to mess up the future?

There are enough retiring teachers and new hires in my parish where layoffs aren't a problem.

In good news, tune in Friday on my blog.

cheatymoon said...

Oh Beth... that is the worst. I couldn't do it. We are having some shake ups in our building that will directly influence my classroom next year. It's sort of freaking me out. Ack.

Hang in there.

Beth said...

tera - I'm counting on you! Hiding out never sounded so fun!

darsden - She definitely wasn't just another number. She is a real loss for our school and a real gain for another.

Candice - It was so hard! I even volunteered to go as a teacher. Then they could have shoved the administrative part up their ass.

Braja - I don't mind getting away from the materialism but I do have issues with the government continually taking money from our already underfunded educational department. It is time for the government to adhere to the simple living ideas.

H.K. - How awful! I hope that guy gets another job soon.

Kristina - If they can let someone go and it only affects 6% (it would probably affect more) of the budget, I'll be shocked!

Em - So far, no swine flu in GA. And I haven't heard of any schools closing in our state. I hope that all calms down soon.

Laura - Bingo! You got it! We will have 4 less positions with exactly the same enrollment. And no pay raise for the teachers. And higher insurance costs. Frustrating!

Alyson - If only I had a bathtub. We probably have the only house in the world with 4 massive showers and no tub. The previous owner was a whack job!

lakeviewer - Fortunately, no one is losing a job yet. But this particular teacher will now have to drive 20 miles away to another school when she lives half a mile from mine. Stupid choice in my book!

Michel - There are a few I'd love to kick to the curb. I like the idea of hanging on to the rest.

anymommy - Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed. Losing more is my biggest worry. I never knew it would be so hard!

bernthis - Jessica, it is sad that education across the country has been affected by the economy. We don't even charge for our product (an education).

Jason - I agree! No more money should leave education.

movie - It seems cruel to lay out all the changes in spring. The weather is nice. The job isn't.

Unknown said...

That is really very sad news. I LOVED my kindergarten teacher I do TOO remember her. My kids' kindergarten teacher was WONDERFUL. I volunteered in her class 2 years in a row she was THAT good.

Don't worry though King Obama will save us Oh shit did I type that outloud?

Jan said...

Oh, Beth - I'm so sorry. I could give you a bunch of platitudes about how she should be glad she's still got a job and all, but I won't, because it still sucks like a bucket of ticks.

Unknown said...

So sorry that you're losing good teachers and will have more work piled on the rest of you, but like Jan (almost) said, at least they have jobs to go to every day.

Two days ago I saw an ad on TV that said 6 billion dollars has gone to the NC school system from the lottery... so where the hell is it and why are they cutting teachers???

Everyday Goddess said...

I get so mad when the cuts happen at schools - why schools???

Hit 40 said...

We also lost one at our school due to budget cuts. And... the levy will probably fail this spring. So... there will be more.

My husband lost 170 employees at his company yesterday :-( He has been staying even later at work with his fellow peers in his group to make sure that they look busy. And.... they are busy with everyone getting cut.

Phat Mama said...

Awww boooo!

I would have cried too.

And it says really good things about you that you took it hard.

P.S. I got that pretty award from Comedy Goddess too and I don't know how to place it on my page. Any tips? And congrats to you for getting it too! :)


I would have cried if I had to go to a new school, too. You sound like a great boss. My principal at the first school I taught for (as a speech language pathologist) was so amazing, too.

Fragrant Liar said...

Wow, that's tough. I hate to hear things like that, and we will surely hear some more painful things like that for a while. I'm so sorry for the both of you.

Beth said...

dizzblnd - You are so awesome to volunteer! We have a parent who volunteers at our school even though her kids got moved to the new school during the last redistricting. She is awesome like that! And she loves us.

Jan - But it doesn't suck like a bucket of ticks to get a saying like that! I'm totally borrowing (stealing) that line.

Jane - We are getting lottery money, too. It pays for our preschool program. And it is true. The teacher IS lucky to still have a job. And I feel bad for all the teachers who have been calling me and emailing me looking for a job. No schools are hiring!

Comedy Goddess - We think alike!

Hit 40 - It is scary to hear how many school districts are in dire straits. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that there are no more layoffs at your husband's work.

Phat Mama - I do care. Those teachers are like family to me and I feel super protective of them. To save the award, right click on it and save it to your computer. Then under the layout setting, add a gadget to add a picture. It will let you upload the picture to your blog. Hope that makes sense.

Lisa - Awww. You are sweet!

Fragrant Liar - We are getting more optimistic. Things will get better. Eventually!

Amy W said...

Yuck. What a day.... I'm sorry you had to do that.:(

Kulio said...

Good for you for showing some emotion! I've seen people break hard news without allowing the sympathy to come out (as if it's a sign of strength) - that bit of feeling, I'm sure, went a long way with the other teacher. Who knows what kind of administration she'll be teaching under next? And who knows that you might be able to work with her again.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I hate this but I love your heart. It would be great if all principals cared as much about kids and teachers and you do. Hugs.