Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Excitement.  Amazement.  Overwhelmed.  Anxiety.
These are just a few of the emotions I’ve entertained this past week since we found out my son got accepted into an Ivy League school. 
When he first mentioned his desire to apply, I encouraged him.  What was I thinking?!  We don’t live any where near these schools!  While I knew he was bright and motivated, I knew it would be hard for him to get in.  In fact, I really didn’t think it would happen.  Prior to this week, we were working to decide between a couple of schools in Georgia where we live, for crying out loud
Of the five Ivy Leagues he applied to, he was wait listed for two, turned down for two, and accepted to one.
Now that one school has become the one.
Suddenly, I’m having to pull my head out of the sand making flight and hotel arrangements to some city I’ve never visited.  Heck, I haven’t even been to that state.
Now that the reality is settling in, I’ve been grappling with nearness of my impending empty nest.  Tears fighting for a chance to surface and a heaviness in my chest are ever present.
I’m not looking for pity.  Being accepted to an Ivy League school is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.  I’m proud of my son and I’m proud of myself for encouraging him to do his best.  Being a single mother wasn’t easy and I worried that I didn’t or couldn’t do enough.  Looking back, I think his independence thrived as a result.  So, hover mothers, write that lesson down for the books.
So, how did this happen so fast?  Is he going to be okay so far away from me?
As I gazed up to the sky, I noticed a young hawk coasting on the breeze.  Not far behind him was a larger hawk, presumably his mother. 
Like that hawk, I know the truth.  He is ready to fly.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Reason 134 Why I Love My Secretaries

Not only do these ladies protect me from intimidating parents make me look good, they have an awesome sense of humor.
Phone Message to Overwhelmed 5th Grade Teacher: “Please call Mr. Lyon.  Your name has been drawn for a prize. 555-555-5555.”
Overwhelmed 5th Grade Teacher: “Is this Jim who called me?  I know Jim Lyon but I don’t recognize this number.”
Secretary #1: “It might be.  Give him a call.  We want to hear what you won!”
Overwhelmed 5th Grade Teacher picks up the phone and dials.
Person on the other end of the phone: “Atlanta Zoo.”
Overwhelmed 5th Grade Teacher with a confused look on her face: “May I speak with Mr. Lyon?”
Person on the other end of the phone (who is probably not amused): [Insert Uncomfortable Pause] “Ma’am.  It is April Fool’s Day.  I think somebody is playing a joke on you.”
The entire office erupted into laughter.
And it appeared that the 5th grade teacher was slightly less overwhelmed when she walked back to her classroom.