Monday, January 5, 2009

Tuesday Tribute to Target

It was a dark and stormy night. A cold, bitter wind blew in from the North so cold and so bitter that the earth began to crack and crumble. From the ruble rose up Lucifer himself screaming.

“Arrrgh! The ice! The ice! Hell has frozen over!”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, will be about the same time that I will once again swap dinero for merchandise from a Target store.

For those of you who might be confused, we filed a police report on Saturday night because my son’s car was stolen. Or so we thought. Apparently, the demented folks at Target take issue with cars being in a parking lot. Gasp!

While I realize that their job is to push the red, I didn’t think that would mean making people see red. Or helping me push their bottom line to the red (yes, I shopped there that much).

Both Mr. Strong and I went to talk with the manager. The manager and her customer service helper must have made the highest marks in the “How to Piss Off a Customer So They Never Return” course. For the record, there was no need to belittle and make us feel small and stupid. That is mine and Mr. Strong’s job to do to each other and we need no interference from a store with a heiney hole as their logo.

“It’s private property. We can call a tow truck if we want.”

Charming, eh?

That charming attitude cost my sweet 18 year old $155 and a lot of angst and worry. Not to mention the dent in the front bumper, the paint chip on the side view mirror, and the torn up section of the back bumper (But according to the imbeciles who towed, it was like that when they picked it up. Right… Because noticing the little things are what you do best in life. Hey, wipe your chin. You're drooling.).

Now about the signs. You know, all the signs about the “towing if the car is left one minute after we turn off the lights” – Yeah, those signs. Well, they don’t exist. Apparently because “it’s private property.” Hell, I’ve seen cars on the side of the road for longer than they’ll tolerate.

But you have to lend it to Target for their part in stimulating the economy. I wonder whose idea it was to join forces with the towing company? Maybe there are some incentives for the little extra damage to the car… Maybe there are some cool Isaac Mizhari decorations available to hide the damage (though I’ll never know…).

All I can say, Target, is when it comes to customer service, you missed the mark.

As of today, you’ve officially made me a Wal-Mart customer (oh, dang it, dang it! I really have a phobia of hanging out with people who don’t wear shoes.). And it is a scary world when Wal-Mart reigns in customer service.

Hold me.


Jay @halftime lessons said...


First off, Rants are fundamental to the success of Tuesday's Tribute...I am planning a few myself...what better way to advertise someone who has done you wrong!!

And second, Holy crap!! How could they do that?? I would be PISSEDPISSEDPISSED.

Call a newspaper...I bet you get some gift cards out of it!!


PS - You just got me all fired up...LOL

Thanks SO much for being a part of this inaugural Tuesday's Tribute!!

Deb said...

oh man, i'd be livid, too! unfortunately, while i would just LOVE to protest target in solidarity with you, sister, hell really will be freezing over when i make wal-mart my store of choice. can't do it. see you next tuesday!!

HeatherPride said...

Wow, that's incredible. I can't believe they just up and towed the car away like that!!! I'm glad you went and confronted them, if nothing else it proved what total a-holes they are! Grrrr!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Before you start shopping at Wal-Mart, watch the documementary, "Wal-Mart: The High Price of Low-Cost Living." It will make Target's behavior look like Kindergarten fodder.

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

LOL!!! But, really I would go above the night manager at maybe the day manager??? or the Regional manager and have them do some expalining!

Thinking of you and your DD

jsprik said...

damn target into the depths of hell, oh sry, i meant to say, sry about what happened to you at target! ;) be blessed!

Braja said...

Scary world when WalMart is better than...well, anything really....

KatieZ said...

Oh my Hell, I am seriously LOL-ing. That was the funniest post I have ever read! I feel the same way and we don't even have a target or a wal-mart. I have adapted to the small town stores and am completely happy with the much better customer service that I receive from them! Good luck with the ol' WM!

amy said...

oh my, beth. you are darn funny as well. because now, whenever i shop at target? i will be unable to control myself each time i see their heineyhole signs.

wal-mart (particularly the 24 hour super ones) (particularly particularly the 24 hour super ones in and around the general vicinity of georgia) should really think about starting a meth section. because one time i had to be in one at 2 AM (don't ask) and that's what was going down in the sporting goods section, i'd swear on almost every holy book around.

don't even get me started on what i've witnessed at my local kohl's. :-)

Candice said...

Well, since you are going to be frequenting Wal-Mart more in your future, it would be tragic to shop there without your handy dandy Wal-Mart Bingo card. It will make your experience an interesting one no matter what.

You're welcome.


Beth said...

Thanks to all for their support (a special shout out for the Wal-Mart bingo card)! I appreciate being validated. After getting nowhere with the District manager (he wouldn't call back) and with the corporate office, we did some other research. On the positive side, I found this information on the GA Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs.

The owner of private property, or his authorized agent, has the right to have your motor vehicle removed from that property if you parked there without authorization and a notice was posted informing you that it may be removed at your expense. The conspiciously posted notice also must inform you:

where you can recover your vehicle,
the cost to recover your vehicle (towing fees and storage costs), and
information about the types of payment accepted.

TARGET BROKE THE LAW!! We are getting estimates on my son's car tomorrow and starting a suit against Target in the Magistrate Court, filing a complaint against them with GA Gov. Office of Consumer Affairs, and a negative report at the Better Business Bureau.

Now we'll see who is listening...