Sunday, March 8, 2009

The weather is nicer. Now, it is time for the economy to follow suit.

I've lived in Georgia for over 35 years and I never remember having a winter quite like the one we just had. It seems Old Man Winter forgot his part of the pact to make winters mild. That is the deal we have in place for living where summers are hotter than that place down under. Granted, we don't usually get snow so I'm sure there a people who could one up me with their winter stories, but we chose to live where the snow doesn't fall. I don't really care to ever see snow at my house. Just sayin.

Yesterday, was gorgeous with temperatures in the upper 70s. I decided to take stock of what plants weren't frozen to death.

I do love that pansies are winter plants. They put up a fight throughout the freezing cold. And we appreciate their efforts.

Somehow, a few of the pink flowers made it. I don't know what they are but I like them. And the really stand out since the vast majority of the yard is brown and dead.

While pulling weeds (and how the heck do they thrive in the winter) from around the holly fern, I talked with my only favorite niece who lives in New York City (please say it with a really southern accent - because my niece likes it said that way).

She lost her job a couple of months ago. Throughout it all, she has kept a positive outlook but yesterday I could hear the desperation in her voice.

First, I wish I could go beat up her former bosses for letting her go. They are obviously idiots. Idiots without money. But still idiots.

And second, I wish I could send her a bazillion dollars so she wouldn't have to worry about money and rent and food.

My niece is a wonderful person who grew up with very little. She has worked hard for everything she has and it just slays me to hear the anxiety in her voice.

When I ventured into the front yard, I noticed some of the dogwoods blooming. Amazing how the blooms can just pop out overnight. And for some reason, it gave me a sense of hope.

This warmer weather is lifting my spirit.

After working for a while, it was time to take a break with Ms. Poopy. She was so excited about me getting out a blanket for us to lay on in the yard. And to show her appreciation, she promptly climbed on the blanket and peed. Thank you, Ms. Poopy. Nothing says spring like laying on a dog piss blanket.


Gaston Studio said...

What lovely photos, too bad Ms Poopy kinda/sorta ruined things by peeing on the blanket, but hey, at least you know your dogwood didn't die!

God, I feel for your niece and I can hear the worry in your 'voice.' New Yawk (southern enough?) must be difficult enough without having to also be out job hunting but I'm sure you've passed on some words of wisdom to help her get thru this period in her life. Good luck to her!

Michel said...

I am so sorry to hear about your niece. NY is NOT a good place to be unemployed, however, it is also a great place to find another job.

Ms. Poopy has such a cute face!!! She can totally pee on whatever she wants!!

Beth said...

Gaston Studios - That silly Ms Poopy. She shows no respect. :) And I am really praying that things turn around for my niece and for others in the same boat. It is scary.

Beth said...

Michel - You are right about NY being a rough place to be unemployed. Everything is soooo expensive. And Ms. Poopy gets away with peeing on whatever she wants. She is a lucky dog.

only a movie said...

Love this post, Beth. We had a taste of spring up here too this weekend.

Love your photos (saw 'em on flickr last night). And good luck to your niece. None of this is easy. Eeek.

Deb said...

these photos are amazing. so much life in your yard! ours is totally brown.

good luck to your niece.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Love your photos Beth. We traveled through Georgia and stayed a few days in Savannah summer 06. We thought it was so pretty.

Wishing your neice good fortune.

Fragrant Liar said...

These are gorgeous photos. Nice job.

Sorry to hear about your niece. I wish her the best of luck in finding new employment fast.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Good luck to your neice!! Those pics are awesome!

Kristina P. said...

I am so ready for spring! That's too bad about your niece. I hope she finds another job soon.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Ms. Poopy seems to be something of a misnomer. LOL I got out and did a little weeding with D2 yesterday. It was my way of "welcoming" her home for spring break. It's a great way to bond over conversation and ant bites. Your pics are lovely. I find it interesting that the pansies are such fighters since that is what "some kids" used to call wimpy kids back in the day.

Crazy Charm said...

You're quite the photographer! Ms. Poopy is a gem :)

Beth said...

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes for my niece. She is a little fighter and I know she'll manage through this rough time.

Only a Movie - I'm glad it is warming up for you guys, too.

Deb - Our garden is mostly brown. I hope it warms up for you soon, too.

Psuedo - We love Savannah! Great place to visit and it is gorgeous. In fact, my niece used to live there.

Fragrant Liar - Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. Your blog is funny!

Sarah - Thanks for the compliment. You are pretty handy with a camera!

Kristina - Spring has sprung here! Can you go tell Old Man Winter so he'll know for sure.

Smart Mouth Broad - Ms. Poopy is a character! And I love your thoughts on pansies. I'm going to do my part to change their image.

Crazy Charm - Thanks for the compliments! We think Ms. Poopy is a keeper.

Jason, as himself said...

Very nice photos, even the one of Ms. Poopy.

The warm weather makes me happy, too. But you and I really can't complain.

nikkicrumpet said...

I could sure use some sunshine and signs of the impending spring....It's getting so depressing seeing nothing but mud and snow. I sure hope your niece finds a great job's a damn scary time.

Threeboys1mommy said...

I don't think I've ever seen a pansie in that color, maybe Ms. Poopies pee had something to do with it.

Comedy Goddess said...

I may have mentioned I spent a lot of time in Irwin County, Ocilla and Fitzgerald GA specifically an hour north of Valdosta. And hearing about spring blooming actually brings back the fonder memories I have of living there. Sigh. Anywhere near you?

DCIU said...

Whenever I need a smile, I go to your site. As a former principal, you remind me of how funny and sad the principalship I train principals and that can be funny and sad, too! I've put your link on my blog and am glad to see that a number of local principals have gotten a laugh because of you, too! Keep up the good work!

Beth said...

Jason - You are right about the complaining. Sometimes I just need a little cheese with my whine. It hasn't even snowed in my town in 2 decades. Still, it was colder than usual.

Nikki - I'm sorry about the snow lingering on in the Arctic. Thanks for the reminder of why I like the south.

Threeboys1mommy - Well, finally a good use for Ms. Poopy pee!

Comedy Goddess - We used to live near each other! Cool!

DCIU - Thanks for the compliment! I love going to principal trainings. It is fun to be around others going through the same kinds of things. The teachers just don't fill the void in the same manner. :)